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Morbidity and Mortality Weekly (CDC):
Trends In Methadone Distribution For Pain Treatment, Methadone Diversion, And Overdose Deaths — United States, 2002–2014

Use of the prescription opioid methadone for treatment of pain, rather than for treatment of opioid use disorder, has been identified as an important contributor to the rise in opioid-related overdose deaths. In recent years, a number of actions to reduce the use of methadone for pain treatment have been taken. … During 2002–2006, the national distribution rate of methadone increased, on average, 25.1% per year, methadone-involved drug overdose deaths increased 22.1% per year, and methadone diversion increased 24.3% per year. After 2006, methadone distribution declined 3.2% per year, and methadone-involved overdose deaths declined 6.5% per year. Rates of methadone diversion continued to increase during 2006–2009, but substantially more slowly, and then declined an average of 12.8% per year beginning in 2010. (Jones et al., 7/8)