Medicare Proposes Payment Increases For Skilled-Nursing And Inpatient Rehab Facilities, Hospice Care

Modern Healthcare:
CMS Proposes Raising Payment Rates For Hospice, Skilled Nursing And Rehab

The CMS has dropped three payment rules that propose increased payments to skilled-nursing facilities, inpatient rehabilitation facilities and hospice care, and implemented new quality measures. The agency Thursday proposed nearly doubling the increase skilled-nursing facilities received last year. This would amount to a $800 million bump. Last year they only received a 1.2% Medicare rate increase, leading to $430 million in higher payments from the previous year. Medicare would pay out $125 million a year more to rehabilitation facilities while those facilities would face about $5.2 million in costs related to new quality-reporting requirements. (Dickson, Meyer and Schencker, 4/21)